Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~Mascot Party on 28/11/10~

Last last Sunday was the Mascot Party held by Resort World Genting~This was my 1st time attend this type of party at Genting. Feel so excited because can meet the mascot from all over the world~lolz.

Besides, i'm so happy that i can meet some of the fans at WCM page~Muahaha this was the page i join and that really can make me meet their fans in real life.

Thanks for Esther for helping me bought the package which include bas transfer,skyway and theme park outdoor.

Woke up in the early morning and prepare to take bas from GOmbak. Good news was i received Et message said that they can get 9 o'clock bas to GH muahaha. When we on the way to take cable car, i saw perkeliling bas broke on half way~muahaha luckily 3 of us choose to take bas with Esther if not i think~~~~~hahaha

Yohoooo is time to take cable car lo~luckily cable car re-open already if not can't get to take it liao because i think i had been not taken cable car for almost 2 yearsliao.haha~so excited~

Let's enjoy this post with the picture below~~

7.45am waiting for Esther and Go Genting bas to arrive~

Da~~La~~Bas reached lo~i going to up to GH now~muahaha

See???Genting Highlands~~

Muahaha no need to q for the cable car and just go straight ~~yohoo so "song"

Not to forget take a picture before enter the cable car since no people waiting behind~haha

We are on the way~~yippie

Yeah finally i can go there and take this huge Go Green Xmas tree~It's really tall and consist of lot of bottle and still in the progress~Good Job RWG~

Finally get my worldcard and go this counter and redeem our wristband to Theme Park outdoor lo~

Saw lot of Beautiful and nice flower balloon along~~

Print out this e-card before went to GH~Mana tau there also got provide~Aiya i should keep this colorful e-invitation and take the one they provide there~ihsssssssssssssss~

Yeah Yeah we get to redeem this cutie goodies bag which include a F&N bottle, One box of b+er+yls=Beryls love shape chocolate,and some others party pack~

1st station before Mascot Party start~cyclone ride warm up 1st haha~the 1st roller coaster in Malaysia~and also the most people Q for this ride~

2nd station for us~yippie can u spot the red color shirt~she is one of wcm fan Et TEd~finally i meet her on Mascot day~and beside her is Kuang friend which came from China~Rococo(i don't know whether correct or not haha~sshhhhhhhh)

Waiting waiting and waiting~~

Muahaha u know what i doing that time???i was asking the camera man to keep my camera safely before the rides start~if not i need to say Bye bye to my camera liao hahaha~

A kid left his balloon on the floor and we just take it to snap a picture~mana tau he came back and look at both of us~haha actually he look at the balloon~lolz~

A small stage for us to take picture~say cheeseeeeeee
From right is Rococo, Lovely Kuang, Friendly Et, Talkative Esther, Me and sis~

Can you see all the Mascot????got Choi Shan Ye, Genting Mascot-ellie,Tabby~~, Nippon ,Ktm , Milo, Evota, Lovely Barney, Punchbob, koko crunch, A&W, Marrybrown, digi, horlicks, Mammee,captain....,Mat cool, and others.

Our turn to take picture with those mascot~muahaha~yeah can u see the 2nd picture???together with yellow digi~i will follow you~Yes had been publish on newspaperlast week hahaha~

haha hide behind Marrybrown mascot~isshhhh how come got some smell a???chicken smell??hhahaah

Lucky draw time~but we are not lucky at all~all the form is black and white de~but we print out color one~sob sob my hamper~~~~

Yeah our lovely Ted~Red Dragon mummy~This was my 1st time to meet her~Happy

Waiting for our turn for private ship~yippie~

What the Genting Mascot looking at???My beauty butt???lolz~

Yippie our lovely Barney~I love you, you love me, we are happy family~

Lunch time~Sushi at themepark outdoor

Dear Et Huge bear~aiseh when only i can get a huge bear like her~hehehe

Da La~~Welcome to Mascot Party 2010 at Genting~

Let's shake for the tree~we need to shake the tree to get orange color ping pong ball to win RM50 and keep shout for orange orange orange~end up~ white ping pong come out~aiks~Bo Luck again~

Nippon Mascot i know you love me~

The last ride before we head to take the cable car~muahaha~not able to take Sungai Rejang cz too much people Q for it~

Another group photo before all of us going back~Yippie so happy that i can meet u all in person~

Before all of us back, we went to meet Bebe Irene at first world plaza~can see her 3 super active kids hehehe~

ho~ho~ho~who gonna sit on the car and send me the christmas present??

Aiseh crowded of people there~but but it wont take long time to Q~

They are very efficient so that we move very fast in order to get on to the cable car~haha

Almost our turn lo~

Bye Genting~

This is the look whereby we get nothing during the lucky draw lolz~haha

Before the bas arrive~fail to make the perfect star lolz~

Having our dinner at wangsa Maju when reach~~lolz~slurpsss~

Overall, I'm happy that can meet fans from wcm page~wish to meet all of u again and others fan in future~Hehehe~Bravo with wcm page muacks~