Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cool reward

Cool reward???
How cool is it????

Guess what~a very great and cool reward from Worldcard Malaysia ~
Pop out this thing in my FB while i'm watching drama at home~

Hi friends, what it takes for us to reach 80,000 fans by June? Will you help us by clicking "share" and spread it out among your friends? And if we reach that milestone we gonna offer you something really special. Make a guess! From worldcard malaysia

Wow this sounds cool~guess and guess and guess what is the reward for this time once worldcard malaysia reach 80,000 fans by June~

- 3rd fans trip?
- 3rd fans trip at Universal Studio Singapore??
- Free I-pad??
- 80,000 World point for each fans??
-Free dinner gathering??
- Casino chips??
- Free stay, transport, meal at genting??

And worldcardmalaysia comment at the comment box said that not just that.....but something really cool!!!!

Wow what else???Something really cool??
Once i back from dinner and saw the other post by worldcardmalaysia 
Guess what this is really something very cool that WCM said in the comment box in the previous picture~

To all WCM fans!!! Drum *Roll*.....  brand new Perodua Myvi CAR will be given away once we achieve 80,000 fans milestone! YES, NO JOKE!! Let's spread this good news & "share" it out to all your friends! And If you think this is COOL, give us a "like" pls! :) 
from worldcardmalaysia

AM i dreaming?? Are you dreaming???
It's NOT~ You are NOT dreaming and worldcardmalaysia is going to give away a brand new Perodua Myvi CAR once thet achieve 80,000 fans~

Sharing is Caring~
Let's share this out to all of our friends and YOU might be WINNER for the Perodua Myvi CAR~


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We will always support ~Our big family worldcardmalaysia

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dearest housemate

Now is the time to blog about my dearest housemate which stay 2gether for almost 4 years already.

When i 1st stay at kampar during foundation, for the 1st 3 month i had move house for 3 times and finally the 3rd time house i able to stay till i graduated.

At 1st we have 5 person stay in the house, but slowly slowly our house become 6 person and at the end become 7 person till now.

Here to go the 7 members who stay in 95, Taman Bandar Baru Utama,jln suasa 2,kampar.

Here to go no.95 house~
Family photo~

Our 95 boss~Mr.Teh Pot~
He is our house along~every month will collect "along fees" from us.
When he comment on some statement, he will very "kek dong" wonder why hahaha~

My room neighbor Ms.Eng or Be Myself~
The only girl stay in this house~
Sometimes you will feel she very fierce in the early morning and will be very crazy at night~
Lately, her face full of  sweet smile~
Wish you sweet sweet ya keep it up~
Smile always ^^

This is my house old man~so called 95 old man~
His pattern really banyak banyak~
Bath time longer than a girl~
Super noisy people~
Like to sing song lot~
If one day he din make noise you will feel very weird and sure something wrong on him~
Besides, he can be people "nai ma"~
Always show middle finger while on the way went to his room and bath~

His so called "qing ren"

Can you see that???pattern really banyak~

Beh tahan kah him~

Our so called "biao ge"~
everyone called him biao ge haha~unknown people will though he really our biao ge~
Errrm he is a very "you wen xue" people coz he study chinese study~lolx
You can feel that he is a 稳重的 people~
A very cincai people~

Dang~this is Mr.MIA~Jing hong~
I seldom see him at home~
maybe due to his course different with us and he went out with his friends~
That's great you eat dinner together with us for the last day
He is a talkative person as well once u know him well~

And the last my so called "BF" and roommate at kampar~
Mr.Fat~my lovely brother~
i graduated already la~ask ur girl cook for you ya~
Don't eat so much and keep fit ya~

This is the family members which stay 2gether for almost 4 years time~
Lot of things happen between this 4 years

Nice to meet you guys and happy to meet you all~
Have a bright future everyone~
Will go find you all at Klang~
Don't forget me ya~
keep in touch~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dearest classmate

This will be the last gathering with all my lovely classmate at kampar~

Right after exam we head to ipoh "tan sai gai" to have steamboat for our last gathering for T15~

Time pass so fast~had been 3 years i stay in T15 with those lovely classmate~
and now is the time to say good bye to all of them~as all of us have to separate with each other to continue working life in different place~

Everyone was enjoyed the steamboat dinner and took as much as picture they can~hehe
I'm glad that i can meet all of you guys in my life~and nice to meet ya everyone~

Everyone take care and keep in touch ya~we will meet in future again~

Here are some picture taken on that night~

Part of classmate~another 2 car missing when we reached~

Buffet steamboat of course take all seafood type~

Hmmm my seafood buffet~

Is time to put all those seafood inside~

Ipoh kaki~

Is time to take picture after fill full stomach

Wow business do big already~so busy~

Each of us hug one~hehe

pretty Jennie~

Leng lui wee wey~

Will miss all of you~

Sei gei lou~

Here to go the group photo~

 ~T15 ROCKS~ 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Yes is finally~

Finally i had completed my degree stage~
Finally i had no more assignment to do~
Finally i no need to sit for exam anymore~
Finally i can sleep without thinking any notes~
Finally i have no stress regarding the final exam~
Finally i can stay inside my air-cond room without sweating~
Finally i can watch my favorite drama continuously~
Finally move finish my thing from kampar house~
Finally Finally Finally~

Finally i have to search for a good job~

That's the end for my degree life~
and new life going to start very soon~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011