Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 more days~

Opps is 5.22am right now and i'm still awake~

1st paper for my very final exam in my degree life will reach in 4 more days~and my brain was totally blank~

Wish to finish the exam faster but wish the time dont come so fast yet as i haven fully ready for my final exam~ishhhh

I din aim for high score but just aim to pass and can graduate hahaha~tat's me~

Hmmmm~trying to sleep now~ Good luck to myself yohooo and plan for holiday right after exam

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mix feeling~

Final is near the corner~and i just back from a trip~
Meet some problem during the trip and i'm have a mix feeling right now~

I wont really care how people judge me~
I just want to be who I'm~ I am I~ BE MYSELF is the most important thing that a person have to do it~

But what i will do is concentrate on my study 1st and start my revision for my very final exam~

Good luck everyone for the coming final~And we fight it 2gether and graduate 2gether~

Final Exam, Notes I'm coming~