Monday, January 31, 2011

2nd fans trip 23/1/2011 @Themepark ~ fun on thetop of hill

Time pass really fast~this is the 2nd day and the last day for 2nd fans trip. Woke up at 7.30am prepared and have breakfast with admins and fans at lobby cafe.

Yeap WCM T-shirt~

Special thanks to Tao Sar pia friend from penang

Breakfast for the day~fried mihun~


Fruit muffin~

Everyone enjoying their breakfast~

Yohoo free theme park ticket^^and the last clue for the trip~

Q-ing for change the ticket~

Game start~Ride boat~hahaha Sean have to ride his ownself~

Omg see this people~cut Q lo wei~

Ho ho~favourite~

Love love love~

Private ship~no feeling tat day when ride~

Have to take the camera my own lolx~

Wow the balloons still there~nice ^^

Guess what admin doing there?hahaha~

Hmm winner goes to Diana~

Yeap not to forget take picta with 4 leng lui before they leave GH~

Ohhh bear bear you very heavy ah~haha

Dont knw whr my sis get so much balloons~

Happy family~I love u, U love We, We are happy family~

Naughty naughty clown~Keep asking what language you want to use??chinese, malay, cantonese.....lolx~

See super naughty clown~but i like it hahaha~

Yeah finally finally i get to take picture with GH mascot~

Yoo yooo~

Kill you~since u so naughty and keep kacau us when took the picture hahaha~

Continue our ride~mini-train~

Sean and Jess gonna back le~time to say goodbye and took a picture before they leave GH~Nice to meet both of you and congrat once again to both of You~see you again in future~

Meet back Barry,Ws, shukky,Edison and Sinching ^^ nice to meet all of u as well~kekeke~too bad chocolate house painting tat time~not allow to step inside~

Representative of GH Balloon model~hehe (beh paiseh)

Aiya my shoulder should come out a bit~Hmmm

Yohooo i reach LOndon lo~When took this pic i saw someone wearing wcm t-shirt as well~but dont knw who is it~walk beside and i saw.....

Yeah Is Ly ping~ hahaha that is her cousin Lay Kuan~wat a coincidence~get to meet her before i leave GH~ hehehe of course must took a picture with my dear~

Almost time to leave GH~i will be back again~hahaha~

Guess what~went up to FWH and took water before we leave~lolx

Yeah group photo for the 2nd fans trip~Thankiew so much to 4 admins and all of the fans ^^ nice to meet u all and wish to meet again in future~
^.^ Love in Wcm
The end for 2nd fans trip~but our love towards YOU(wcm and fans) will never end

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2nd fans trip on 22/1/2011~Memorable day

Yeap finish 1st station at Strawberry farm and 7 of us take skyway to up hill lo~
Finally can feel the cold weather while inside the cable car lolx~was sweat at strawberry farm~maybe i'm too high at there???lolx

1st take~Manage to get 5 people head inside~

This will be the 5th or 6th take lolx~finally 7 of us can fit inside the picture hehehe~i think need to improve my skill already hahaha~

We took no.6 skyway in the morning and Our skyway Number. 50 in the afternoon~

Reached GICC at around 2.30pm and saw some of the admin and fans waiting there~hehehe
While waiting our lovely admin check in the room for us, i just find a place to sit down~Before i sit, use my hand to sweep the seat and feel like got water there. Too bad let Barry saw what i do that time. "Sweep and smell" lolx suddenly hear his voice Yer Evone~hahaha i will never forget this moment lolx~
Yeah all of us are at GICC and took a picture before check in our room. Fans are holding a long long banner during the 1st fans trip and the 2nd fans trip we going to hold the colourful cardboard with the word I worldcard Malaysia. How about the 3rd fans trip??Each of the fans going to hold the Ipad?hahaha~
Wow lucky draw time. 4 pretty admin told us in the morning that everyone will get prizes in the afternoon. Yeah here we go~lucky draw section. Congratulate Barry and Edison both of u so lucky get RM80 hamper. Really a goood partner hor~hahaha~and me and sister won RM20 sushi king voucher and RM30 hamper hehehe~THanks again to WCM and all others sponsor.

Our pretty and cutie admin

Yeap back to hotel room~my 1st time stay at the highest level 28th floor and it just beside world club office. Wakaka~Chiang chiang our goodies back and lucky draw prizes. Got WCM T-shirt, Recycle Bag, Angpao long, Sushi king voucher, mineral water, Drinks, nice Purple towel, 2011 calender, note pad and others.
I saw the purple towel inside my goodies bag and sister asked how come she don't have~muahaha ohhh "yuan lai" only fans got the towel~lolx i like it so much~Thanks WCM

Gather again at 3.30pm and walked to Pedas Spring Spa. SO SO SO excited fot this. Relax, Refresh, Reenergize~

Yippie the most relax part and exciting activity was at Pedas Springs Spa. Wow this is my 1st time to try the spa somemore at Genting Pedas Springs. I'm so lucky can have this chance to enjoyed the free Spa sponsor by Pedas Springs Spa. Thanks to the sponsor Pedas Springs.

The boss and staff at Pedas Spring was waiting for our arrival infront of the shop. Thank you so much Pedas Springs. The boss and staff was super friendly. Once we reach there, we have to register 1st and get the buy one free one voucher and also the locker key.

After register we step into Pedas Spring Spa and saw everyone wear the slipper provided and sister and me go and take it our own. While we take the slipper, the staff said have a seat first and they will take the slipper to us. Wow my first time got people serve me like that wakaka~

They provide excellent service to their customer. Staff explain everything to us and bring us to walk around Pedas Spring. Beside they provide refreshment for us as well.

Wow nice one~feel like wanna jump inside lolx~

My angpao and voucher gave by Pedas~

Partner popoye~

Yeah this was my 1st time to try this jacuzzi. Thanks for WCM and Pedas for giving me the chance to try it. They prepare a short pants and tube for us to change. The aunty there take care of us very carefully and friendly. Thumbs up for the service provided.

Feel so hot once i step inside the water and slowly slowly step inside and feel very comfortable.

Yeah finish the Spa and feel so fresh and relax~

This is the place for us to rest and drink some water while we come out from jacuzzi, steam, and sauna room. I learn somethings from the staff. If out from jacuzzi must drink bit warm water. While out from Steam and sauna room have to take cold water hehehe~coz steam and sauna is hot and need some cold water to cold down. and now i knw can't eat full full before took the Spa. Hehehe luckily~

This is the notice for Jacuzzi usage~haha the word too small lolx~if you want to see can visit Pedas Spring at Genting.

I can feel the romantic and relax feel there~

Come let me help u massage hehehe~

Always can see this room at outside and this time i'm so lucky can step inside and take picture there. That's really cool how i wish i can do massage at there~hahaha it's on the water and cool environment there. lolx

I'm ready~

Take1~Jeff fast fast run inside here~still manage to get the picture hahaha~

Take2~change pose

Take3~Change again~

Barryboi, Me and lovely couple~

Photo taken from worldcard malaysia fan page hehehe~nice shoot~

Hmm~game 2 require to take pic of 3 facilities Pedas provide. Hahaha this is also one of the facilities they provide ma~can use it????lolx ACtually you guys know where is it bo??hahaha

Yeah Hair-dryer. They provide others thing as well such as lotion, gell, powder, shampoo, and huge hair dryer as well lolx~

Besides, Pedas also have free internet access and wifi provide to their customer. Once the customer finish their massage or spa, they can stay at Pedas and have some rest there and enjoyed the free wifi as well.

La la la~this is the sofa provided by Pedas~you can have a good rest there.

Can see the screen beside me~haha that's another facilities provided as well. Tv + comfortable Sofa.

Yeah around dinner time, no wonder once i see grass or flower feel like want to eat it lolx~

Finally i can meet the 4 cutie admin. They are pretty cute~

Normal pose~cheeseeeee

Wow can see my "mei tui" hahaha~like it~

Gong xi fa cai~ spot this while on the way back to hotel and change my jeans~

Yippie my dinner. Hunry that time so order this black pepper pork.
It's very spicy hahaha luckily din fall sick after finish it.

Sister curry mee.

Thanks to the sponsor Lucky restaurant. This was my 1st time enter there as well. We need to pass by casino only can reached the restaurant. Luckily i bring along my IC if not need to turn a big round back hotel and get it.

Guard at casino, I'm officially 21 years old already le. I know my look still like a child wakaka~

Gong xi fa cai~Ang pao na lai~Choi san ye~Wait Daryl here and Choi san ye at FWH but din't see him appear also~aiks he FFK me again~


After took the pic, time to back hotel and have a rest before head to Pedas again hehehe~

Receive a call from Sean said that Evone faster finish your strawberry lolx~
Da da~the weird shape strawberry~
2 of us keep take pic with the strawberry hahaha~

My mouth full with Strawberry from Genting strawberyr farm~

Tik Tok Tik Tok~time reached 9.20pm. Sean and Jess are still inside Pedas and enjoyed their massage that Sean sign up for the package in the afternoon. Yeap Sean going to proposed at Pedas Spring Spa.

Make dreams come true :) at the peak~Copy from WCM kaka

Once i reached Pedas saw lot of fans already there. Haha and saw this romantic and lovely red carpet with the word SM love JS 9999, 5201314.
I was curious SM???who is that hahaha~luckily change it to SN before they went out. kakaka

See Pedas Staff and Boss so good. They design Sean proposed with red carpet and white stone and colorful ballon.

SN Love Js 9999 ~ can see lot of legs there as well hahaha~

5201314~Wee weeeetttttttttttttt

All busying take picture while they still inside there.

See what our lovely and cutie admin doing there?hahaha~

Lolx see this Barry~look like professional Paparazzi + private detective.

Everyone was stand beside and wait for Sean and Jess to come out~hahaha so cold that time freezing somemore lolx

Again group photo with the Lovely couple~opps is husband and wife already hahaha~Congrat to Sean and Jess~Sean and Jess so paiseh not manage to see how Sean Propose lolx~
But he successfully touch Jess heart and finally Jess Said Yes I do. WeeWeettttttttt

Yeap my turn to take picture there~love its~so may colourful ballon around~

Nice shoot~
Here you go~Our Pedas Spring Staff~So lovely and friendly. Thanks you so much for the spa and everything Pedas provide. They really did a very wonderful job for the couple and of course fans as well hehehe. Everyone can have a try at Pedas when you are at Genting. I'm sure you will be very relax, refresh and reenergize. Must have a try there ya. hehehe
Once again thankiew so much.

Here you go~Our Worldcard malaysia fan page admin. 4 pretty and cutie girl. Thankiew so much for all the program that admin prepared for us. ~辛苦了
See ya in the next fans trip. Look forward for the fans trip~

Yohooo Went to Barry room and make some sportchecking since he also stay same floor with me~Saw lotsa things inside his room~OMG he is just like a big big baby hahaha blek~spot the rabbit on his bed lolx~Finish checking and head to my room have my beauty sleep le~wakaka
Between really nice to meet this baby boy and his partner as well Edison.

Task 2 complete~To be continue with task 3~hahaha