Friday, March 25, 2011

Half day trip to Ipoh with Crazy people~

This is my first time went out with these gang~
Gold Hair@blur Evelyn , Dai ka jie @Supei , Big eyes @ Khoon Yan, Serious @ Yan Fong.

On Tuesday night while we are doing assignment and K.yan suddenly said the soft skill they take part need to wear formal and someone suggest to Ipoh and buy some formal shirt.

This was the 1st time we doing last minute work for the assignment due to the busyness with RMP at the beginning of the semester.

Once after the class and finish edit our assignment here we start our journey to Ipoh at around 5pm.

Reached Jusco and start for the shopping section~wakaka~
Went to Padini,G2000 but fail to get their formal yet but went to Vinci to get the shoes lolx~

Went into jusco and supei get to hunt for her formal which is white colour~whereby at 1st she said don't want to get a white color shirt but end up she bought it lolx~

Here we took some picture while waiting for K.yan trying her formal~

How tired our look?????

K.Yan faster~faster~we are waiting for u~hahahaha

Wow~How busy is she~so happy can try so many formal~hahaha~

Yummy~Thai Tom yam~I love this very much~

4 of us again~cz k.yan wak around the thai fair~hmmmm

Yohooo dinner at 高温鸡 before we head back to kampar~

This is the end for the half day trip~all of us also manage to bought something but Evelyn bought nth~lolx~

Chit chatting all along the journey~kakaka

Monday, March 21, 2011


Currently I'm still a student

Time pass so fast, i already stay at Kampar for almost 4 years.

Currently I'm having my final year and semester for my degree course.

Currently is week10 which means 5 weeks later i going to sit for my last final exam in my degree course~maybe will be my last time to sit for exam due to my laziness to continue study.

Currently i have finish my mid-term for my degree life and 2 assignment.

Currently have to rush for the last 2 assignment in my degree life.


Very soon will reach finally~ looking forward for the finally

Saturday, March 12, 2011






Thursday, March 10, 2011

WHY you want to kiss us

Right after midterm, follow xiao po gang to find their supervisor~
2 of them was hungry by that time~discussing mana makan while waiting for the supervisor~

Hmmm finally finish and head to the place to take dinner~
While on the way from campus to the place~
suddenly a KEMBARA want to turn out from BLOCK A~
i dont know she really din see us or what~end up kiss Xiao PO Kancil~

4 of us was~AHHHHHH by that time~luckily no one injured but little kancil get hurt~
We was drive very slow and the KEMBARA also kiss very slow and smooth~

But the little kancil get hurt and kemek~

Went down from car and discuss with KEMBARA~ she said sorry~
and we say why YOU wanna kiss us???

She Said: You drive very fast~
Us: we din drive fast~but u saw our car come why you still want to come out?
She: *silent* ok you take the car to repair and claim from me, this is my phone number 01********
Us: Ok~
She: But if very huge amount, I only will pay you 50% of the damages. coz my car need to repair~Hope you will understand we are still student~
Us: Nope This is ur fault and not our fault~you must pay full amount of the damages to us.
She: SOund Bo song and said ok~fine~you take the car to repair and take the resit to me~

At this moment, Guard came over and have a look~
Act like macam police hahaha~they required driver student ID but not IC~
GUARD: ok we just made a report to DSA~both of u can settle among urself~

This is the so called KEMBARA we meet~GRHHHHH

Little Kancil get hurt~

Oh no~Kemek ady~

SETTLE and went for our dinner~

This is the 1st time i went to that shop for my meal~Hmm the taste not bad~but very oily hahaha~gonna gain weight again lolx~

Free vegi from boss~hahaha

The famous "TONG PO YOK" in their shop~for me the taste still ok~haha

Ginger chicken~my mummy also know to cook~lolx

2 pot~ free vegi + Soup~

Overall not bad~but not what i expected as people always say it really really nice~hmmmm

The most ever "Mahuan" mid-term

2day 10/3/2011
MADM midterm held at 2pm~went to campus at 1.30pm~OMG once enter the hall no place at behind anymore~have to sit infront~

One of my friend said~those people go and wait at 1pm~XIAO EH~

Lecture came in~
YOU all must sit according to tutorial group that i arrange in the chart~
Muahahaha and our group get to sit behind~ho ho ho~Those who went at 1pm have to sit to other place again~

SAID 2pm exam~So many trouble when the lecture said sit according to what he arrange~
AIKS this time really the most MAHUAN midterm i sit~coz he said want secure and protect the question paper~

Once one of the paper lose~Those who sit for 6pm and friday exam need to cancel it~lolx
end up arrange this and that till 2.40pm and start our exam~

Before start~He Said~those who want go toilet u may go now~hahaha look like bas driver lolx~

This is the only picture i took inside the class~
This is the so call chart he draw for us to follow accordingly~lolx

Explaining~YOU should follow to this~if not YOU not able to get the question paper~hahaha