Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you

The day after my birthday he bought another slide cake for me

Overall i have 3 complete cake and 2 slide cake this year Hahaha.....

Although my birthday already pass one month and i still want to thanks for everyone who wish me and who celebrate with me.

Thank you so much and i will appreciate all the wishes and i have a very memorable 21st birthday. Although i didn't make a big party at home but i still have a memorable and enjoyable 21st birthday celebration.

Lastly again thanks for everyone especially my family whereby they prepare a small steamboat at home and celebrate with me.

Thanks you so much...MUACKS^^

Monday, September 27, 2010

21st birthday celebration(part 3)

终于把我的part 2 赶完了。。



好啦我就不多说啦慢慢看以下的照片吧。这就是他们了。看到Evelyn 小姐还忙着弄她的金发。


我gang 的疯狂朋友。紫衣的就是我家老人啊益,粉衣牛小姐阿薇,站我后面就是隔壁房小姐(晚上的她会比较 High), 再来就是金发小姐Evelyn(每天都blur blur 的,哈哈她不会看华语), 青衣就是我班大家姐Supei 姐
我家大耳窿啊盛每天都不穿衣, 害羞的他用手遮着了两粒(ne)

哇有这样歏力吗?原来在抄RMP 答案




登等登等。。。好开心啊。。幸好这次都没玩 CREAM 大战 哇哈哈



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Final exam week

From 13-23 of sept will be my final exam period. All students keep push and push for their study and me as well. haha i have just left 2 more paper which are adv tax and adv acc practices.

Hmm for the past 2 paper it was like..dun knw how to describe, no tips no scope study all chapter but end up come out only 5 chapter aiks just wish i can pass all the subject and get more than 2.0 for this semester.

3.18am now but i still blogging here. hahahaha tomorrow and the following days have to study the other 2 subject which include calculation and although got scope for this paper but dont know how the old lady will cheat us on the paper.

Never mind just try my best to do the best.^^ after exam can have seafood dinner with my classmate yohoo....3kg crab, 1kg prawn , and some others dish....yohoooooo..

Da are some photo which i take during my study for the exam. haha study also must some entertain to release stress.

This is the time while i studying....can see my messy table

wearing his spec...haha

Hmm is time to sleep...will cont update after my exam...^^

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pek Chek weeks....

Due to the stupid final exam, i have to stop blogging for 2 weeks.

Aiks why we need to exam??why why why...

Just wish to finish my study faster...suffer...

will continue to update my part 2 of my birthday post after final exam. So stay turn with me ya^^