Saturday, August 28, 2010

21st birthday celebration( Part 1)

Ding Dong....finally i have time to update my blog before my final. So I decided to divide my birthday celebration post into 3 or 4 part. Let's start....

Last friday 20/8 was my 21st birthday. At 1st i decided went kl on thursday and celebrate with him. But bro and dad say celebrate with him also don't want celebrate with them. Haha so i change my mine and went back hometown on thursday night and have a small celebration with family.

I tell my bro i want a small cake. So we went to went to the cake shop and saw half kg cake quick big so i said lets go another shop. Another shop 300g cake so childish and not that nice some more much EXPENSIVE. So we went back to the 1st first. Muahaha we are crazy.

After that we went to bought satay and some alcohol drink. Yohoo..satay, steamboat, and alcohol perfect match.^^

Lets enjoy my picture with some description.....

simple celebration with simple steamboat

seafood taufu, "cha ba lang" fish ball, some vegi, prawn, pork....

da me while waiting for the food to cook.

This is my yam ice-cream cake...only manage to eat half slide

Is me my 21st birthday cake....


with my happy daddy

My happy mummy

My crazy brother...haha

My Happy family...opps sister at kl

is time to blow the melt on part of my cake ....

Make a wish...21st years old 1st cake 1st wish....

cut cut cut the cake...

can u see the mum keep wan take picture till the candle also melt liao

before and after...=="

21st birthday present from mummy....finally i can fly le...but this key look simple not so nice...haha i wanna change...

Surprise this present from my brother and daddy. He bring along my dad and choose this casio for me. When he search for the watch on internet i though he search for his assignment. lol Hehe really surprise thanks ya...muacks

Hmm thats all for my small celebration on thursday night with my parents and brother....stay turn with my part 2 celebration...muahaha^^

Friday, August 20, 2010


Today is my big day 21st birthday....wakaka

Happy burthday to me...

Happy burthday to me...

Happy burthday to meeee..........

Happy birthdyay to meeee.........

I wish all my family members are healthy always....then i wish i can graduate next year on time...i wish i can have a better result than before....i want be the best

wanna know how i celebrate? stay turn with the coming post....will be more interesting...haha^^

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beloved Daddy Birthday ^^

Last month was my lovely daddy birthday. This is the 1st time he ask us to celebrate with him and he decide to ask all his brother and sister together. Surprise to heard that he want to celebrate. So we decide to celebrate at his lovely place Bagan Datoh "AH GONG" Seafood restaurant.

Why we choose there for the celebration? HAha it is because their food are super nice and tasty. I think we always went there for dinner almost one year already. A very special night with special and huge sea crab as his birthday cake.

We very enjoyed that night and all of us feel very Happy. Lets the photo tell you how tasty the food are and you will know why we always went there.

This is the place AH GONG Seafood Restaurant

3 of us

My family members but don't know why additional one monkey beside me ^^

5 leng lui and another handsome


Before the dishes serve, we decided to celebrate my cousin sister birthday first.

I am Bei Bei and i am 2 years old le lo^^

This is my special cup cake

Here are the dishes my daddy order. All are his favorite dishes:

First dish sotong...this is the 1st time i saw the sotong cook like that. The biggest sotong is special for my daddy

2nd dish Balitong

3rd super fresh and big prawn

4th "tong gui kapa" a type of lala i think

5th Sambal sea crab

6th 濑尿虾

Can you see how fresh the prawn are....yummy

Because the prawn are too fresh and sweet we decide to take picture with it..haha

This is 壽面。。after ate it then you will become older one years old....haha joke

HAHA Feed daddy eat the mee.....

7th This is the last dish and special sea crab 盐焗膀蟹as my dad birthday cake.

Preparing and discussing on how to put a candle on the sea crab.

Da my brother push out the crab while we sing happy birthday song to our daddy.

here can see my dad feel very happy....muacks muacks muacks

Daddy: Wa so many people feed me

Yummy Yummy 盐焗膀蟹


This is my uncle who look bit fierce but that day Bei Bei go and find him....haha Bei Bei u mata duitan lo....

Although my daddy said he don't need cake but we also bought a durian cake for him^^

Yes he is a Happy, friendly, and lovely father.

Not our cake also want take picture...crazy family

While waiting them drunk there and i have an idea to take picture with different pose. Some successful some fail. Haha

Is time to pay the bill...guess how much it cost us....

Say out you also cant believe. It just cost us rm 500+....wau when the boss told us the total price 3 of us get shock and ask aunty you got count wrong or not. She say no is rm 500+.

Huh so cheap. Is really cheap. 18 只 sea crab, another 2 kilo sea crab, 2 plate of sotong, 2 plate of lala, 2 plate of 濑尿虾, 2 plate of balitong 2 plate of prawn 1 kilo per plate.

It cheap right???

Feel like wanna go right??Still wait what, here are the restaurant details:

No. 209A, Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Pasar,
36100 Bagan Datoh, Perak.

Tel: 05-6466415
H/p: 016-5967778

p/s: better for you to make a reservation first because they need to get the fresh seafood.

They also got service which include 酒席,上门到会,and others.

This is my Happy family. I felt so Happiness because i have a happy family.

Lastly Happy birthday daddy

Saturday, August 14, 2010

6 more days to go

终于把我烦恼的报告及小考都赶完了。。现在只剩下 让人疯狂的 Final year project。。
MID-TERM 考得一团糟。
FINAL 一定要 考好。你行的。。。

20 of AUGUST 是 本小姐的 21岁生日。。
哇哈哈我终于都 21岁了,有 wings 了,可以 飞了。。终于都可以进赌场了。。


虽然生日还没到,可是爸妈弟姐都买好了我 21岁生日礼物。谢咯。。
Muacks muacks.....^^