Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Xmas eve

Sorry for the late update due to some event i had join~hehehe

How was ur Xmas eve this year?Opps is last year 2010~lolx

For me i'm quick disappointed because at 1st plan to went Midvalley but end up stay at Hotel and online~but then they saw my unhappy mood and suggest to went Long mamak and I-city.

Not able to bought a cake for bro and order a pizza to be his birthday cake wakaka~

Photo ll be upload bit late~can't get to find the picture wakakaka

To Be Cont'

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Ho HO HO~1 more days ll be Christmas lo~Santa Clause is coming to town~

Can hear Christmas song all around the supermarket and anywhere too. Last year Xmas eve was celebrate inside the car due to the traffic jam while we are on the way meet my friends at

This year i don't wish to celebrate inside the car wakaka~just hope can have a memorable and enjoyable Xmas eve. Wish to meet lot lot lot Santa too~

Oh ya i had won a free room from Santa worldcard Malaysia on 25 Dec. Yohoo this year gonna celebrate my Xmas and brother birthday at there yippie~

Lastly i wish everyone have a wonderful Christmas day and Merry Xmas to all my dear friends~especially my big family WCM and fans~love u all so much hahaha~

Let me sing Xmas song~From me to you~

Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way~
We wish you a merry Xmas, and a happy new year~
You better not cry, you better watch out~
Merry Xmas

Monday, December 20, 2010

One day trip to Singapore Sentosa

Last tuesday which was 14/12/10 i decide went SG wt mum. At that night i feel regret to follow because that is totally aunty trip~Omg faint when they started to talk inside the bas~Aunty ah aunty i know you are rich~but can u don't show off~

Ok back to the trip~we depart from ipoh at 9.39pm. The driver drive very smooth and didn't speed. We reach Yong Peng rest station at around 4am++ and reach SG RWS at around 6++.

Yeah this was my first time enter casino since im 21st years old. After i enter one of the security asked me you are 21??i was~errr yup~hello security if im not 21 how i come in??

Here the story start~~
yes is 9.39pm

Inside the bas depart from Ipoh lo~

Reach Yong Peng rest station at 4am++~nothing to eat there~

Malaysia Kastam~now want go to Singapore~

yeah our bas~outlook very high class but inside kns~sit till my bond also want patah liao~

Yup finally we reach SG lo~not really sleep at that night~

And yes we reach RWS casino at 6am+++

Me and my sporty mum~

Yippir finally i can take picture with Christmas tree lo~

Spot this mirror wall~wakaka~show time~

opps so sorry mirror again~mum come faster~hahaha

Wau i think it was a cool and fantastic show although i din watch~

When will it become my car??inside my dreamland??can it be real?

Breakfast inside casino~not bad~but the santan~~~

Porridge~they say no taste geh~wakaka

Yeah enjoying the nasi lemak~

This was the breakfast voucher

Lunch voucher~$10~can bought 1 set of cha siew,siew yok,siew kai fan~ or 1 plate of kai fan, 1 plate of shui yok fan, 1 plate of cha siew, or can get 7 cha siew bao, or can change drinks, and others

Table game voucher~$20~we got total 6 piece and end up get back $30~each people get RM 12 wakaka but they din divide to me~lolx

wee weeet~is photo session time~wakaka

spot another Xmas tree at Sentosa~

weird shape recycle tree~


Can see every whr also recycle~lolx

meet a philipina girls and she took this pic for us wt merlion~

Can u see what is that??Is my chinese zodiac~snake


dun knw what fish is it~lolx

yeah i like this~wakaka dun knw what pose~

Flower lolx~Its super hot that time~

poo poo~~~take train go siloso beach~

Siloso beach~

hahaha~fail to pose again sigh~somemore my mum say i so "cho lo"lolx

yeah i like the background~natural ~but the gate~sigh

arghhhhh very heavy ah~helpppppp

welcome to siloso beach~

hahaha dun knw wat pose again~take too much pix till no pose liao~wakaka

Time to back from siloso beach~super duper hot~till i fed up ady~

What bird is that??

SG island~mum take this while she take the ride on the tiger~

Yeah can see the emotion same with the wall~hehe~

set lunch~
Oh no their rice super duper soft~dun knw its they want to let those gamble eat de~yiak~

got people say i look like very cold~hahaha but actually is too hot liao~beh tahan

Yeah finally i can get to take picture with this universal~but mum photo skill~er er er~

Wau tix sold out for 2day~just saw the RWS fan page~tix sold out till next year jan 2~

Jelly Belly~

Wau chocolate~don't know who so bad~eat part of it~lolx

Gelato Ice-cream~not nice one~hahaha too sweet~

Yeah i got so much candy~but too bad can't take back all~haha

Mr.M and me~and another di di~

Picture with 5 tall man and women~

Is time to back lo~waiting for the bas to come~wakaka~

Omg got ghost appear behind~sigh u spoil my picture~

Hahaha yeah both of us again~take picture from depart till back~wakaka

And this ll be my dinner~wakakaka~

Overall this trip was just take picture with mummy~wakaka both of us like to take picture~no choice because in chinese say~got this type of mum, jiu got this type of daughter hahaha~

I will visit You again Sentosa~but not with this aunty trip anymore~hahaha~