Friday, October 15, 2010


Opps as i said in the post before next post will be Genting but 2day my result release have to postpone the post to next post.

It's already mid night. Yes i still awake and i believe most student from utar also awake because too nervous and exited to check their result. But Utar portal always server down at this moment complain and complain but have no change in its. Sigh

Hmm don't say about that if not really fed up with it.
This semester result was not that good as what i aspect. Really feel disappointed when i know my result. Make my mood down sigh.

Its me not hardworking enough? I had tried my best but end up result like shit. Argh Argh why why why i have fully put my effort into it. But why??

Aiks what has already pass was pass. What should i do now is looking forward for the coming semester and work harder i'm sure i can do it.

Luckily i still can get the final loan hehe this is the most worried part for me rather than my result.If not my mum need to find money for my last semester~~luckily 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

shabu shabu at Bandar Puteri Puchong

Shabu- shabu?? Yes i have seen my friend blog recommend about this shabu shabu at Bandar Puteri Puchong. So i decide to ask Kl to bring me go~

Is really far from my sister house. We take 2 hours to reach there sigh i can back my hometown already~

All of us are hungry at that time, once we reach we went to make payment and go up to 3rd floor.

This was the first time i have shabu shabu with my own pot

Can see that they place their food on belts with different categories.

There are small plate which contain foods inside on the belts

Here is your own personal hot pot~~

Round and round in front of us. So that we no need walk around to take the foods.

Here the pork slice~~not bad but i just manage to eat 1 plate

Baby Octopus~~still ok ok not what i aspect~~ disappointed

Another type of pork slice~~

Here are some of the foods nothings special for me~~

You can control the fire your own~~

All the plates

Can see we eat so much but actually each plate come with only one little food~~

can see many people have their shabu shabu there~~wonder why

Their slush is too sweet~~ghost

Almost time to finish

Take this picture before went home~~
This is the front view of the restaurant

This is the menu~~all are just very simple food
Its got over 100???
RM 29 is quick expensive because have no seafood and just those simple and types of fish ball
Overall rate 3/10~~For me i not really like the shabu shabu and not really recommended. Rm29 is quick expensive compare to other steamboat maybe it have our own pot thats why charge us much more expensive??not sure~~And they have no seafood as well~~Maybe they can improve by add seafood on the belts??hehe

Hmm thats all for this shabu shabu~~next coming post Genting^^

Monday, October 11, 2010

Grandma birthday celebration

Last Saturday we celebrate grandma birthday at Bagan Datoh. Yes Bagan Datoh again haha
But that day was not the real date due to her grandson and grand-daughter having their final exam.

This time dishes are much more different than previous celebration. Is somethings like wedding dinner dishes Haha.

At first they serve up the Birthday Mee....almost all of us manage to eat little because it really little and we are too hungry. My uncle say because later still got a lot of dishes so they cook only few for the Mee...

Here the birthday Mee~~~

This call 一品锅。。。It include 鸡, 干贝,鲍鱼,猪肚,海参,药材 and a lot。。。

七星盘月。。。里头有 排骨,蛋卷,马么鸡,芋头,炒蛋,鱿鱼,沙拉鸡。。




又到甜品时间啦。。冰淇淋 puff + 叉烧包。。。


My cousin sister where most of my relative say she look like me...its???

So naughty hard to take picture with her ><

Yeah my happy family~~

Duo bui "yong" with my dad learn her pattern~~can see their mouth

Let's learn together~~~

This was the first time bought from grandson and daughter. it because every time also bought by my "yi po". This time my grandma ask them don't buy and let her grand-child buy^^ lucky and happy grandma

Hmm my family and grandma

Mummy sing song to Grandma~~~haha

Here the group photo~~but few grand-child not attend~~~lol

yeah is time to sing a song~~
Happy Birthday to u~~Happy birthday to U~~
Happy birthday to Ah Ma & Mummy~~
Happy birthday to U

Here are us grand child~~still got other 6 not attend~~sigh if not sure will more Noisy..hiak hiak

Grand-daughter and grandma

Paper plate with colorful balloon and clown and Happy Birthday word~~nice

Deng~~deng~~ Mini instant hehe^^

Beer time yohoo~~~

Lastly i want to wish my grandma Happy Birthday
Wish her healthy, happy, enjoy always
Love You always ^^ muacks muacks