Thursday, July 29, 2010

2day have meeting with our supervisor for the FYP at 1pm so i need to wakeup at 11am if not i cant make it on time. Sigh feel so sleepy that time....but i force myself to wakeup. so i went out and buy my brunch at "tian xing yuan" and i have 醉氿鷄米粉 as my brunch. Once i see the name i feel like it taste nice and i buy it.

I need to go campus before 1pm so i faster done all my staff on time. Once i reach outside my supervisor room, my stomach feel like pain...oh ghost is gastric!!!By the time i still can accept the pain...after enter supervisor room i feel like wanna vomit...but i din coz haven done discuss.

what a bad day suddenly feel gastric. Somemore have class from 2 until 8pm..oh ghost i need to tahan the pain till i finish class. After enter the tutorial class, finally i cant tahan ady and i go to toilet and vomit mana tau 1st floor toilet so many people then i need to go up to 2nd floor ...."err...err...err...." while i "err" till half way suddenly got people knock my door and ask miss r u ok??ten i just smile with her and shake my hand told her im ok and i cont "errr". Thanks for the concern miss although i dun know who are you ... By the time i feel bit comfortable once i vomit out 醉氿鷄米粉.

Then i go inside class again and i still feel very pain sigh. by the time i cant Tahan again and go vomit again...vomit out all the 醉氿鷄米粉 again and again....kanasai

no wonder my dad always ask me eat my breakfast after wakeup.....haha this is the 1st time i having gastric until kan zheong....omg...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cycle life to campus

7月7日 星期三

2day i decide to cycle to campus with my brother for the 8am class because he cant come over and fetch me at 6pm. This is my 1st time cycle to campus although i already study at kampar for almost 3 years. I dun know how those student can tahan cycle to campus under the hot sun. I cycle in 8am i also sweat alot although no sun at tat time.

around 2smth when i finish my presentation for e-commerce, suddenly the sky become dark n going to rain very soon. By tat time i was thinking charm le how m i going to cycle back later although i have class from 4 to 6.

today i have no lecture slide again so i decided to go bac early when the lecture give us break. mana tau it still raining but not that heavy but still wet all my body. SIGH


Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st post

Yeah at last i created my blog. I haven been thinking to open a blog long time ago but someone promised to teach me but until now only teach me. But at last i can start blogging already. Last time i just can look other people blog but now i can start to write my own blog.

Stay tune for my next coming post^^